Why You Really Want to Work With a Travel Specialist

Did your travel plans change? Do you need to re-book all of your flights and hotel rooms ? And are you stressed about the time it will involve and the money it will cost? Then an knowledgeable representative is the suitable person to help you.

family-838239__340.jpg In today’s world, where regrettably we are dealing with issues like terrorism and viruses, we need to make sure we are safe when traveling. While going with a travel adviser may not seem worth it because it may cost a bit more, the incentives are many; one-of-a-kind promos, inventory and add-ons that are not available to the general public.

Research shows that brick-and-mortar agents are on the rise at present, primarily because young people are traveling more and feel a lot more secure booking with a skilled agent as opposed to going online. And this does not appear to be to be a fad. As studies have shown, 92% of leisure travelers who used an agent plan to return to one in the future.

Using a travel agent is enticing because they have access to a significant market network. Investing hours and hours researching is not ideal, and agents who are part of a larger consortia, can help you you negotiate with a big distributor for a better price. Simply because of years long- associations, top travel agents have access to award-winning chefs, hotel managers and tour operators, and can therefore provide added benefits and incentives that web based sites cannot. And with respect to getting the best deals, travel agents in fact often beat internet prices.

due to the fact most agents have access to their own reservation systems, which connect to cruise packages, airlines and hotels, they can generally access the same on the internet promotions. They do make a percentage however you will reap the rewards in the form of breakfast, spa and beverage credits. Then there is the element of time. A good representative can help you calculate for unforeseen expenses like meal costs, resort and tourism fees that can truly add up.

Agents can additionally assist in connecting you with the best tour operators if your trip should have you traveling to a far-away, remote place. Agents are well-connected and have contacts | associations} with vetted companies in every corner of the world.

But most significantly, agents can help you manage or avoid common travel hiccups. They have access to technology that allows them to detect weather delays or natural disasters, making it easier to reorganize agendas.

On top of that, travel advisors will advise the best travel insurance for your specifications.

Learn About the American Express Pay-with-Points Program

AMT Travel is proud to be able to provide more savings and personalized satisfaction with American Express’ Pay with Points program. Even though customers of the American Express Membership Rewards plan could cash in their points for frequent flyer miles with other airlines, good flights were hard to come by. At present, however, you can purchase any holiday travel package, airline or hotel stay entirely, or in part, with your accrued Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points. American Express® Card members can use Membership Rewards points to buy any and all travel through Travelscene American Express, one of the leading travel agency providers in Australia.

American Express Membership Rewards are good for flights, hotels, packages, car rentals and tours. Let AMT Travel show you how easy and quickly your points can be redeemed.

Following are a few perks, to name just a few: -There are no travel restrictions – points can be used for all travel. -10,000 Membership Rewards points equals $100 of travel. -No travel specifications are excluded: hotels, cars, flights, tours, packages, foreign currency, insurance, and even airport taxes.

-Accumulate frequent flyer points on bookings purchased with points. -You can pay conveniently using points in-store. -There are no concealed fees for using your American Express Card when arranging travel if you pay with points and your card And it doesn't stop there - our AMT American Express Travel Representative can also help you in scheduling any first and business class travel using your American Express points!

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